Who has the spirit of the anti-christ.

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The Bible talks about too Spirits 1/The Holy Spirit is Yahweh because Yahweh The Creator is Holy and Yahweh The Creator is Spirit
2/ The evil spirit is the devil and the devil is evil and the devil is spirit.

Both of these Spirits have sons and both of these Spirits can live in you. Both of these 2 spirits want your worship and are anti each other and cancel each other out.

Romans 8:11.


You can either have the Holy Spirit living in you OR have the antichrist spirit possessing you.



The Holy Spirit Yahweh takes up residents in you when you are clean of sin and sanctified or set apart. The evil spirit possess you and controls your thoughts when you stray from the truth and reject the truth in a way that Yahweh The Creator has no way of redeeming the person and so the evil spirit makes the person his own and possess the person.

To become a son of Yahweh (God) you must believe Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth that Yeshua / Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that Yahweh The Creator RAISED him from the dead, you will be saved.


Romans 10:9 teaches us that a man named Yeshua the only begotton “SON” of The Creator became the second Adam and did not sin and when he died he was “RASISED” from the dead by His God and his Father.

When you believe Romans 10:9 you become a son of Yahweh (God) and the Spirit that raised Yeshua “Jesus” from the dead lives in you Romans 8:11 and when the Holy Spirit lives in you you will be fully aware and you will know it.


The opposite to believing Romans 10:9 is to deny the “Father RAISED the son” and believe that Jesus was God and he raised himself from the “DEAD” and by denying the Father and the son you receive the spirit of the antichrist and become a born again son of the devil.


When you receive the antichrist spirit you will not know it and you will look and say the same things as the church people around you.


Those who believe Jesus is God = born of the devil by denying THE FATHER AND THE SON.



1 John 2:22 Who is the liar? It is whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a person is the antichrist--denying the Father and the Son....

Notice 1 John 2:22 says “”denying the FATHER AND THE SON.

IT DOES NOT SAY ;The Father IS the son...



1 John 2:22 is also twisted by trinity believers but notice what it says again “WHOEVER DENIES THE FATHER AND THE SON, AND DOES NOT MENTION “THE HOLY SPIRIT” JUST “THE FATHER AND THE SON.....


The Father is The Holy Spirit. The Father is The Creator who RAISED Yeshua the second Adam from the dead.

There is no trinity just THE FATHER AND THE SON.

In 1 John 2:22 does not mention the Holy Spirit because The Holy Spirit is what the Creator is HOLY AND SPIRIT.

The Father has a name "Yehweh" the son has a name "Yeshua" but the Holy Spirit does not have a name because it is talking about what the Father is HOLY AND SPIRIT.


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