Why 49.000 denominations?

by Niall Mc Gowan.Oct. 04, 20203

I have looked for God in many denominations for over 40 years and can filmy say He does not live there (Acts 7:48) and it was only when I “came out of her” (Revelation 18:4) and was able to look at them from the outside that I saw the sickness and got the putrid stench in all manmade denominations.

The scariest part of giving your life to a man-made Christian denomination is that you are told that you are saved and going to heaven BUT just down the road is a denomination the says YOU ARE NOT and then you come across a church that says “you are deceived and not even close to being saved” and this goes on and on and on and with 41,000 denominations you can never be sure who is lying.


There are also elitist religions who say “all except them” are going to hell like the Seventh Day Adventists who believe going to a service on a Sunday is “the mark of the beast” and all who have it go to hell with no ifs ands or buts and that makes the SDA a very strong “tribe” that looks down on everyone else.

1 Peter 4:17.
The charismatic movement also known as the “holy rollers” because they roll and lay on the floor “speaking in tongues” babbling and shouting lalaladadadabababadada and so on. 

It is estimated that by 2025 there will be 55,000 denominations as people like Rapper M.C. Hammer CASH IN on the Jesus movement and Oprah Winfrey who cannot make up her mind if she will run for president or set up her own church.

The most disturbing new church is from the Kardashians stable with Kenya West, who already has his own lower case bible called “The book of Yeezus” were every mention of God is removed and his name inserted... These things it seems start as a joke but Kenya now holds Sunday services with many rich and famous patrons and so if he brings the brain dead Kardashian fans with him then he and his lower case church will be huge for all the wrong reasons.

There is only one truth and if takes many many liars (denominations) to kill the truth and with 41,000 denominations the truth is dead and with 920 different versions of the Bible the truth is full of confusion urging YOU that YOU personally need to study like a workman digging deep to find the truth (2 Tim 2:15).

When you look at the modern church who all have something to sell and push there “lucky charms” and demand huge sums of money ask yourself “if Yeshua / Jesus returned today who would he be more disgusted with 1/ the world who does not know any better OR 2/ the church who should know better?  The truth is the atrocity’s going on in the church are far more offending to The Holy Creator than the sins of the world. And The Creator warns that judgement starts at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17).

The fact that there are 41,000 denominations and 920 different versions of The Bible is proof to me that real Christianity is the true way to Heaven because the devil has gone to extraordinary effort to confuse the message of Yeshua and the devil has put all his efforts to water down and make of no effect everything to do with The Creator and His Will for us found in His Word the Bible.

No other faith in the world is more corrupted and delusional than Christianity and for that reason alone we must cut through the lies in search of the absolute power of the truth that the devil hates and is scared of.

Uncovering the major corruption in the church and the bible should be our passion because I truly believe that when you get beyond the Bibles corruption and cut all man-made doctrines and added verses OUT you will be left with the most powerful book in the world a book that will transform lives a book so powerful that the devil will be so shamed he will run and hide.. If we can just remove the putrid stench of man’s hands from the bible we will be left with a book that will astonish amaze and transform the world.

The first thing Yeshua / Jesus did in his ministry was to set people free of the pious religious people of his day who kept people under bondage. Yeshua / Jesus was very angry with these religious people and called them allot of names that reflect and say nothing has changed.

Yeshua / Jesus was angered and shouted at the pious fake church leader's of his day words that must again be shouted today in order to set people free.

The "woe to you" sermon by Yeshua / Jesus was done in public and was intended to put shame on and to show up the fake church and to empower the people who were trapped in the lies and deception on the fake church..

The seven woes Yeshua shouted at the religious people are exactly the same as the 7 woes that are needed today and are found in Matthew 23. In the "7 woes to you" Yeshua / Jesus calls the religious people hypocrites six times and "blind guides" once.

Yeshua then goes on to explain why they are hypocritical and blind guides and uses very harsh words that for its time would have been considered "foul language or at least working class man's language" and it was because Yeshua Jesus wanted the religious people to be shamed by his words and the huge crowed listening to be set free because Yeshua was bold enough to say the things the working class people were thinking and believed about these pious religious people who kept them in bondage to their rules and laws and made demands on the people continually for money and power..

I fully believe Yeshua shouted the 7 woes at the religious fools so that the people around him would hear and be set free... Later Yeshua gets angry and smashes up a synagogue and chases the merchants with a whip. So when I am asked "what would Jesus do" I say "shouting, overturning tables and chasing people with a whip and cleaning house" is a real possibility.

If Yeshua Jesus was on earth today he would use exactly the same words to shame the world's religions and false Christians would unfriend him for his judgemental language and for his harsh tone...

We must Challenge everything we know and get back to the absolute “inspired word of The Creator.

The Bible warns us that the devil has decieved the whole world (Rev 12:9) but nobody believed.

Religion is organised confusion by the world's most delusional people who play a game each week called "church". People need to stop playing church and start having a personal intimate relationship with the all Loving Creator God and above all start telling the truth and shame the devil.

PEOPLE PLEASE STOP PLAYING CHURCH! Christianity is not a game it is a serious lifestyle that brings you to a lifetime relationship with The Holy Creator (God) and not pious lying men. Christianity is a wanting to look good in the eyes of The Creator and not men. Christianity is knowing that you know that you know that you are part of The Kingdom of Heaven and that it lives IN YOU 24 hours a day and it cannot be denied.

Religion is powerless and pitiful with only a form of godliness have nothing to do with such people (NIV 2 Timothy 3:5)

May The Creator bless you with open eyes and a soft heart as you search the truth that sets you free and empowers you to greatness.


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